Checklists are a quality tool that assists employees to obtain and maintain accurate results. Checklists save time, increase accuracy, ensure the correct questions are asked, and require the information to be collected in a timely manner. The only negative is the impression some personnel have for the usefulness of checklists. One negative often assumed with using a list is, “ It implies the employee does not always perform the operation repeatably. ” This is often true, and they and I forget things!

Checklists are an aid in “ not forgetting ” the important steps for performing an operation. When discussing the use of checklists, always be positive and project their use will make each person ’ s job easier and will prevent future problems in their work.

Checklists are used for each launch of our space shuttle, and the checklist used has more than one million items that must be completed, monitored, or signed off before each successful space launch. The problem is that management has not always correctly responded to a situation or possible safety occurrence. To assist in eliminating problems, a series of specifi c checklists, for each operation, were developed. These are both business and manufacturing checklists
specifi c to Injection Molding and all are provided in Appendix C .

1. Product development
2. Sales and contracts
3. Product design
4. Material
5. Purchasing
6. Quality
7. Design and development schedule
8. Price estimating
9. Program scheduling for manufacture
10. Manufacture
11. Assembly
12. Decorating
13. Pack and ship
14. Warranty problems
15. Mold (for Injection Molding)
16. Mold specifi cation (for Injection Molding)

Checklists should be included in the framework of all quality operation instructions, including ISO and other quality methods. The task is to ensure personnel actually follow these instructions. This is accomplished by training personnel to use the checklists during their training program and then to
monitor their use in performing their job.

Major equipment and material suppliers provide troubleshooting guides for solving equipment, material, and processing problems for their most common problems. This type of checklist provides a corrective reaction to try when an unwanted action occurs. These guides are very helpful in quick problem solving with an experienced machine operator to get the manufacturing process back in control.

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