Communication in business is a two – way street. Information is received from the customer on their anticipated needs for a product. The supplier then provides feedback, as a quote, on what it can provide based on its capability that may include prototyping, design assistance, mold and product manufacture, and so on.

Often at this initial contact you may not know exactly what the customer wants the product to do. This requires fi nding out what the customer wants and, if able, assisting them in determining whether the plastic product will meet their requirements. In some case, the customer ’ s design is still in the initial design and trial stage, and the customer needs to know whether the part design can use the preliminary material selection and manufacturing methods to make the product and have it perform its intended end – use functions successfully.

Therefore, the communication link between the two is extremely important if the supplier is to assist and possibly assume some liability for the product. It is very important that this information gets documented and fully understood by the customer and the supplier to ensure the business relationship is a success for both.

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