Mention the word “ audit, ” and most employees think the worst.

Audits perform a necessary function, telling employees whether they are performing operations right and whether improvement is needed.

Audits are fact – fi nding missions to assist personnel in doing their job correctly. A good defi nition of aduit is, “ determining conformance to an instruction or standard.

” Audits should be considered as learning events. Finding fault is not the intent of an audit.

Audits are used to verify if you are actually doing what you say you will do.

Checks and balances are used to evaluate an operation and to verify it is proceeding as developed and the fi nal results are positive.

A good audit will tell you what you are doing right and where extra effort is needed to meet requirements.

Train your personnel to follow the procedures, instructions, and guidelines for performing operations. Also, be sure the records of this work are kept for reference and audit verifi cation.

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