Operations can be monitored and controlled as described by the fi ve methods discussed: CIM, JIT, RFID, EDI and bar coding. Each has its place in the TQPC system, Tracking orders through design, manufacture, and shipping and keeping a tight schedule for making JIT shipments is a diffi cult task if the right tools and trained personnel are not in place and performing as required.

Savings of inventory costs have been as great as 50 percent with production improvements of 20 to 30 percent realized through better planning and use of existing equipment and personnel. Just reducing the daily stress in an organization can yield many benefi ts as the work place is easier to manage. Data are real time information that can be acted on as soon as it is generated. The reduction of errors by just being able to fi nd and know what is available is a major positive change for many companies. The elimination of problems and being proactive in seeking out and performing preventive actions is a major hurdle to overcome.

The correct use of the operating system coupled with a quality system that is proactive and kept current with documentation and records is required for TQPC to perform the functions developed for it. ISO 9001 and its automotive counterpart ISO/TS 16949 will assist by providing the information and requirements that are necessary for a good operating quality system.

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