To accomplish the goal of transforming loyal customers into dedicated customers requires the company management team to turn customers into loyal customers fi rst by delivering what it promised. This begins with satisfi ed customers who are pleased with the service provided and become loyal customers.

To move to the next level, you must strive to deliver positive experiences continually and create a strong relationship that developed the loyal customer who turns into the dedicated customer. The dedicated customer is an advocate of your services and will recommend your company to others and will even base its reputation on your services. The goal to achieve the dedicated customer is shown in the customer experience ladder, with the highest being the customer advocate (slated for growth), next the loyal customer (to retain), satisfi ed (meeting expectations), the customer (initial sales begin) and the opening level, the prospect (convince them to be your customer).

The goal is to have the customer elevated in its recognition of your supplier skills by moving up the ladder of customer satisfaction. This is accomplished by your supplied support to create a dedicated customer for life. You accomplish this, along with product and quality improvements, by using communication and information feedback to the customer on what you are doing for them. This begins when the customer is still a prospect. The use of your dedicated customers in advertising your business successes by their endorsement and use of personal reference is one step closer to the prospect trying your product. Once they try it, you must complete the transaction by supporting and servicing the product, supplying additional information if required, and developing a fast, lasting, and fi nal solution that is conveyed to the customer as a preventative fix.

The business goal is to obtain good solid information on which to build a business relationship and create a friendly working atmosphere for conducting business. Most businesses do this already but may never have realized that it had such an important, defi ned purpose, goal, and agenda.

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