Quality is defined as customer satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied, then business ceases. The goal of any good supplier, in – house captive molding operation, or outside custom molder is to satisfy their customers.

Senior management must always make a quality product for their customers. But, sometimes management is not capable or competitive. Therefore, many organizations subcontract outside molding companies.

Manufacturing organizations must provide the means and capability to perform this duty. They should have an input as to their capability to manufacture the product designed by the engineering team. Manufacturing departments must input their requirements for the product, so the product can be manufactured and can perform its end – use function.

Plastics are now performing more stringent functions than before, such as under the hood, engine parts, and space applications. The use of reinforcing mediums of glass fi bers, mineral, and others have made plastics a universal material, and a list of physical and chemical property modifi ers is provided.

Composites, glass and carbon fi ber, and other materials impregnated with different resin bases are used for multitype applications, airplane bodies, and wing and control surfaces, such as Boeing ’ s new 787 aircraft and other structural parts. Composites today are stronger and lighter than aluminum. These products are not discussed in this text, but the Internet is an excellent source of information.

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