Die Cast Tools Types. The process which involves forcing molten metals such as zinc, magnesium, lead, aluminum and copper into high pressured molds is known as die casting. Die casting is the preferred process in creating several parts of the same dimensions to ensure that each part comes out in high quality, with a smooth surface and the parts are almost completely identical to each other. Usually, no post machinery is required to readjust the dimensions of the parts and ensure that they all look and function the same way.

There are two main Aluminum Die Casting Tools used for this process which are the hot chambered die casting machine and the cold chambered die casting machine. A manufacturer can opt to use just one of them or both of them depending on their needs as they have different advantages over the other. For example, a manufacturer cannot use a hot chambered die casting machine for aluminum and only a cold chambered die casting machine can be used on that. However, on other metals the hot chambered die casting machine works faster.

Another important Zinc Die Casting Tooling used in this process is the mold of the product. The mold can have just a single die cast tool cavity or several cavities, depending on the needs of the manufacturer. The molten metal is then forced into these molds to fill every nook and cranny of the cavity, and then they are die casted. The molds vary in price. Some smaller and simpler molds can cost just a few hundred dollars while more complex mold will set the manufacturer back a few thousand

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