All of our workers want to attend this Injection Mold making skills training

After the company claimed this decision of taking plastic mold skills training for part of our workers yesterday,many workers submited their applications this morning.The competitions for attending this injection mold skills training among the workers are very fierce.

This morning,the company received about forty applications just in a hour.We can find that they all have a strong desire for attending this Plastic Mould skills training.They all told many good and undeniable  reasons. I think it is hard for the company to choose the name list from these aspirant workers.Besides,there are more than sixty applications will be submited to the company in the next few days!

The sales manager said this morning,”It is a good phenomenon for the plastic mould company.It reflects that the company is full of energy and vitality.The fierce competition for the injection molding skills training means that they all have a strong desire of improving their ability,strengthen the strength of the company.This must improve the skills,technology and other ability of our company.We have reasons to believe that if the whole workers in our country have this enthusiasm,our country will become stronger and stronger in a short time.So we will get our goal to this training”.

Then he also said“There is no question of unity in our company.Our company is a big family for all the workers.They are all like brothers and sisters.Our company also has a good cultural background and they all know how to respect esah other.On the other hand,there is not only one chance for their to attend ths mould making skills training,we will hold many mold design skills training in the future.Our company also know how to respect the willingness of the workers.Their desire for knowledge is great,we have no reason to refuse.But now,as workers,we must respect the decision made by our company.We msut believe in our leaders,our company and our workmates”.

Though the final desicion is not known by us all now, all the workers are expecting to be chosen by our company.I believe,no matter who was chosen and how about the final desicion is,they all will try their best to complete the tsk and never let the company down.

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