Process control is often categorized as just monitoring a selected set of manufacturing variables. It is more than this; it is the control of the entire product system. It begins with product design, prototyping, molding, assembly, and all other operations and processes for manufacture by Injection Molding.

Process control begins with identifying all the product ’ s variables to ensure that they are identifi ed, considered in their effect on the process, and controlled to produce the product. Variables must be controlled for the entire operation, which include the machine; mold design; material selection; plant, auxiliary, and secondary equipments; mold setup and operating conditions; operator training; and personnel knowledge in Injection Molding.

The latter is often not considered until a key person leaves the company and the design and/or manufacturing program begins to suffer a series of problems related to the prior care and knowledge of the person or personnel who left and took the information with them. This implies that nothing was written down as a part of the daily operation of the manufacturing department and followed for accuracy.

The control and use of documentation and records is vital for all businesses. How these elements are used to understand and interpret information and business and manufacturing knowledge are critical for everyday business operations.

Process control is based on using the existing quality control methods in a selected manner to realize the greatest benefi t from their application in the business. The recognized quality methods available are shown in Table 3.1 . These methods are used for analyzing, monitoring, and improving any type of business and/or manufacturing system.

Most of these are recognized as having had their time “ in the spotlight ” and as having lost the allure, not the confi dence of the quality engineer to provide them with the “ instant success ” they recognize as a reward when using one of the newer quality methods, such as Six Sigma, Lean, and now Lean Six Sigma.

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