Once the company’s quality operation is established, it is assumed their quality of manufacture will never vary, only the requirements of individual products. Some customers may require more stringent requirements or inspections than another customers. No lessening of company quality standards is allowed for any product.

Some products may only require an aesthetic inspection (e.g., for color, no fl ash, etc.), whereas other parts may require two to three measurements per part. The quality system is established to give each customer the same degree of manufacturing quality.

Too often, when a part has fewer specified quality requirements, a form of apathy develops and the lower part quality requirement means that anything is acceptable, when it is not. Never forget that customer satisfaction is the goal for quality and product acceptance.

The quality system is established to ensure all customers receive the quality necessary for the product to meet their product requirements. Quality provided can be more, but never less!

We illustrates a successful way to bring a program to market. It is very important to review all programs for the quality requirements that are specified. To fail to recognize an important quality inspection point could cause the product to exhibit poor performance. Quality is an everyday operation.

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