2. Dies will be constructed with provisions for positive stripping and ejections of the finished part and all generated scrap. 模具应该构造成能够从正面剥落及顶出成品及废料。
a. Air blow-offs have to be specifically approved by the project engineer in writing. The air blast must be cycled with the press stroke. A flow nozzle must be used to reduce noise and volume of air released.
3. Where required, scrap will automatically be removed from the die. The die supplier will provide chutes to prevent the possible build-up of parts and/or scrap under the die. Scrap length should not exceed the pitch of die. In situations where the size of scrap or the overall length of scrap prevents the easy removal from the die,the scrap will be cut into smaller pieces that will aid in their removal.
4.Tooling Engineer will specify additional requirements, such as containers or conveyors, supplied with the die.
G. Die sets:
1. See section VI for “Stamping and marking” of die set.
2. Die sets will include: 模座应包括:
a. Guide pins/bushings that are the precision ball bearing type (Lempco, Danly, etc.).
导柱/导套应该是精密滚珠类(Lempco, Danly, etc.)
b. Guide pins will be staggered, to prevent the incorrect assembly of the die set.
c. Diameter of guide pins must be a minimum of 75% of shoe thickness.
d. Guide pin ends must have .250” clearance when die is fully closed.
e. 4 post die sets are to be used unless otherwise specified.
3. Provide thrust blocks per Tool Engineer’s write up. 根据模具经理的书面要求提供靠刀块。
4. Heel block wear plates should be tool steel on the bottom shoe and permanent graphite impregnated solid bronze material on the top shoe. IEM is Sino Mold Tooling Co.,Ltd’s preferred supplier.
5. Minimum shoe thickness will be 2” on light duty dies, 3” on medium duty applications (up to 40”), and 4” on heavy duty applications (up to 108”).
H. Die mounting requirements: 模具安装要求:
1. Provisions for die mounting will be specified at the preliminary design review.
2. Top and bottom shoes or parallels will be provided with 2” clamping height surface and 1” slots for bolts.
上下垫脚应有2”高的装夹面以及 1”的螺丝固定槽。
3. Progressive dies will include a provision for aligning the centerline of the die with centerline of the press, this required keyway slot size is 1.020” wide and 1” deep.
连续模应提供键槽(1.020” 宽 1”深)使模具与冲床对中。
4. Multiple secondary operation dies to be mounted on a common plate to run in one press whenever possible. (To be determined at pre-engineering launch meeting).
I. Maintenance requirements: 维修要求:
1. Die sections will be mounted with screws through the die section into the shoe in a manner that will permit section removal while the die is in the press.
a.All die sections will be provided with “Jack Screw Holes” a method for removal from the dowels. If jack screws cannot be used than angled slots need to be installed for pry bar access.
2. Whenever feasible cutting steels which carry a form radius will be designed to be sharpened without redressing the form radius. Inserts should be used whenever possible.
3. For maximum support use nest blade punches. 最大可能使用镶嵌刃口的冲子。
a. Entire assembly will be designed to be shimmed at sharpening.
b. Tap into blade for mounting.
J. Die lubrication: 模具润滑。
1. Easily accessible provisions will be made for lubricating all bushings.

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