Surveys should not be used for obtaining information as it is tedious, requires valuable time, and meets your needs, not theirs. Surveys are too long and boring to elicit real – time information needed from a customer. If the surveys mailed to your customer are too long, ambiguous, require response ranking, and have too many questions, they will never be completed, much less, returned.

Directing your survey to the wrong personnel to obtain a response to a question, such as the technical capability of your sales and service engineers, can prove diffi cult, as there may be no contact between these individuals, and worthless information will be produced. Finally, should you respond to a survey, be sure what you communicate is approved by your management and is accurate. Ask whether the information is proprietary and how it should it be treated.

Remember, communication in business goes two ways; you present your company to the customer and in return learn about them. Sales makes the fi rst contact by identifying a customer need for your product or service. Sales representatives contact the customer and present the product for its consideration. Discussions then begin that will lead to more discussions and possible negotiations with product information; trials and pricing will be presented.

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